Can I use my property right away?
Yes! As soon as your purchase agreement is accepted you may move right in. You could be enjoying your land less than two weeks from today. Imagine yourself pitching a tent, building your home or simply sleeping under the stars.

Can I sell my property?
You bet! You can sell your land at any time, even if you are still making payments.

What is the water situation like in Montana?
Many landowners have drilled wells. The depths of the wells varies considerably within each development. The quantity or GPM (gallons per minute) can also vary greatly. The water is generally hard but can be filtered and softened if desired. Some owners have put in simple cistern systems and have water trucked in on a regular basis. We recommend using a Dowser and calling a number of local drilling companies and asking their professional opinions.

Is there electricity and telephone service to each lot?
No. There is electric service and telephone service in each ranch but not to every lot. Cellular phones work well in most areas. Electricity is pulled further and further each year. Please call for specific details.

Are there restrictions or covenants on the properties?
Yes, all of the properties we are selling have basic restrictions to protect all the land owners. No mobile homes or modular homes are allowed except in the Ponderosa Pines Ranch where they allow double wide mobile homes and modular homes. You do not have to build on on your property but if you do decide to build construction must be completed within one year from the start. All plans must be approved by the landowner’s association. There are minimum size requirements that vary from ranch to ranch. All buildings must be sided with natural materials such as wood, log or rock. No metal buildings are allowed unless sided with natural materials. Metal roofing is allowed.

Are horses and livestock permitted and may I fence my property?
Yes, you may have horses and other livestock. Pigs are not allowed. You may also fence your property. Each ranch has different fencing set backs and requirements that are detailed in the easements an or covenants.

What would my payments be?
This is a tough question. It depends on the interest rate, purchase price of the land, number of years being financed and the down payment. Please call us to help you with financing options at 303-548-7222.

What should I do next?
Call us toll free at 303-548-7222. We will answer any questions you may have and help you select the property and financing that fits your individual needs. We will send you the purchase documents to sign and return.