Terms of Purchase

2. Notice of Purchaser’s interest (NPI) – This is a document that is filed to protect you, the Buyer. The NPI is recorded in the County where the property is located. If someone were to search the public records it would show both parties involved and it would show your interest and intent to purchase the property.

3. Title Insurance – We furnish and pay for the title insurance policy, issued in your name, on your ranch. This shows the true condition of the title and insures that your land is free and clear of liens and encumbrances at the time of your purchase.

4. Licensed Survey – A registered licensed land surveyor has surveyed all of our land.

5. Escrow Agent – The escrow agent is an independent third party who receives your monthly payments, accounts for principal and interest, and who safeguards all contract documents. The escrow is set up to ensure that the buyer and seller abide by the conditions of the contract. The buyer is responsible for a nominal monthly escrow fee, which is added to your monthly payment. The seller pays all escrow set up costs.

6. Access Easement – Your property has guaranteed legal access for ingress, egress.

7. Road Maintenance and Covenants – With many land purchases, you are left to your own devices for maintaining roads and protecting the value and beauty of your property. This can be both difficult and extremely expensive. Upon the purchase of your ranch, you are automatically a member in the Landowners‘ Association, which administers road maintenance and covenants. In this way, costs are shared, roads are maintained in a timely manner, and there is assurance that the few simple rules designed to protect your property values and the environment are adhered to. The Landowners’ Association normally charges a minimal annual fee. You will receive a copy of the covenants when we send the purchase agreement documents for you to review. The Landowners’ Association will bill you directly for these fees.